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Become a UX Designer | Learn the Skills & Get the Job

UX based on real world examples. Gain powerful UX skills you can use to start a UX career or improve your projects.

Created by: Brendan Bolton-Klinger
Last updated 3/2019
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What you'll learn

  • Gain UX skills you can immediately apply to improve your projects and career
  • Learn how to conduct effective and useful research
  • Understand how to apply UX Strategy to set goals and define success
  • Learn what you need to know before you start designing
  • Learn to sketch smarter
  • Learn to effectively and persuasively present your work
  • Tips and guidance on staying up to date in the field (and entering it too!)
  • Impactful portfolio pieces (if you complete the projects.)
  • A complete, practical real-world foundation in UX


  • This course was created for students of all levels, but a basic familiarity with Adobe and Microsoft products will be helpful if you plan to do the class projects.


Here's what students have said:

"This course is the most valuable UX course I've ever bought on Udemy!" - Jody T.

"Brendan's course is AMAZING! It helped me land my first UX job!" - Phillip C.

"First course, which I found useful from practical point of view. Not just some broad, abstract philosophical narrative about UX." - Viacheslav M.

"Great instructor! He's able to deconstruct complex ideas and easily break them down into digestible content. I really recommend this course for UX practitioners of all levels." - Nutte

"After viewing Brendan's lectures and completing the project, I felt much more confident about entering the field of UX and my project ended up being one of the best pieces in my portfolio. I used it during an interview to land my first internship" - Ana K.

"The instructor's enthusiasm shines through as does his deep UX knowledge and real life experience. Certainly one of the most thoroughly thought out and well presented courses I have experienced on Udemy. I believe this course is suitable for beginners and UX practitioners as each can get different outcomes based on experience." Simon C.

(All quotes from reviews below.)


User Experience, or UX, is an exciting field. It's essentially about empowering people to do the things they want to do, which is both fun and gratifying. And, having a great user experience drives business success.

Learning UX, however, can be a challenge. Since it's a relatively young field, there's no real gold standard yet for how things are practiced, or taught, which can frustrate people who are just trying to learn things the right way, in order to apply UX immediately to what they're doing, as well as students looking to become practitioners.

I created this course because I believe your time is precious, and you shouldn't have to hunt around to get a practical foundation in UX. Or watch 24 hours of videos. This course takes you through the key concepts and steps of UX, as they would occur across a real-world project, so you gain a complete understanding of how to practice UX - from Research, to Strategy, to Design. And the confidence that comes with these new skills.

There's a fair bit of material to share, but the content is mostly short, entertaining, to-the-point videos, followed by assignments where you'll apply what you're learning so it sinks in. And, I'm confident you'll like this material because I've already taught it to Thousands of professionals and university students who have enjoyed and benefited from it.

Whether you need to effectively learn UX and apply it immediately, or you're looking to supplement your skillset, or you're just curious about entering this fun and lucrative field, this course is designed for you

After taking the course you'll possess a powerful understanding of UX and the key activities related to the field. You'll also be able to take that knowledge, and put it to use to make better work and advance your career!  (And, you'll have some great portfolio pieces if you complete the assignments!)

See you in class!

- Brendan

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to enter the UX field and become practitioners
  • Professionals who want or need to add UX to their skill set
  • Anyone at an agency or company who needs to quickly learn real-world UX fundamentals you can use on the job

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